Frequently Asked


What is the closest station to the venue? 

The Beer and Cider Academy London is based between both London Bridge and Bermondsey tube stations, these are both on the Jubilee line. 


Can I drive to the venue?

We recommend that you do not drive to the venue as you will be drinking approximately 1.5 litre of alcohol on site.


Do I have to complete the Foundation Course first? 

Yes, you will need to attend the Foundation course and pass the exam before moving on to attending the Advanced course.


What time do the courses start? 

The courses start at 9:30am with the exception of the Beer & Food matching course which starts at 10:00am.


What time do the courses finish?

Courses tend to finish at around 4:30pm, this is with the exception of the Beer & Food matching course which finishes at 12:30pm.


I already have some Beer or Cider knowledge; can I skip the Foundation course and go straight to the Advanced Course?

No, you will need to attend the Foundation course first regardless of prior knowledge.


Do I need to bring anything with me to the course?

Bring a pen with you, a hand out course book will be provided to you on arrival that you can make notes in.


In what order would I need to complete the courses to become a Sommelier?

To attend a Sommelier Assessment you will need to attend in this order; Foundation Course -> Advanced Course -> How to Judge Beer Course. After attending and passing all three exams you can go on to make an application for to attend a Sommelier Assessment. 
It is not compulsory to attend the Beer & Food Matching course to attend a Sommelier Assessment.


Will lunch be provided on the day?

Yes, lunch is provided on each course. If you are a Vegetarian advise somebody on arrival. We cannot cater for Food allergies, intolerance's and other special diets for medical reasons.


Can I cancel my booking or receive a refund?

Once your booking is processed, you cannot cancel your booking; however, if you wish to alter your booking within 4 weeks of the event you will only be eligible to transfer your booking/s to a different name/s. Please note there are no refunds. Please note the Beer & Cider Academy reserves the right to cancel this event if the minimum number of 10 bookings isn’t met.