Hans Tryggvason


Born in Iceland and having spent more than a decade in both Sweden and Norway, one may rightfully call this gentleman a Northerner. His lifelong interest in food and drink has led to exiting additions to the gastro pub scene in Oslo, with Håndverkerstuene as his most recent project. The plan is to create a playful Nordic Beer-Mecca, focusing on food and beer combined. He wants every Norwegian to see this as the obvious venue to bring out-of-towners to. With a contemporary Norwegian menu, the widest selection of Scandinavian beer in the country and aquavit to please every palate, everyone should be able to find a Nordic treasure here. A true beer and wine sommelier at heart, he feels the long standing battle between wine and beer as the better food enhancer, is over. To everything there is a season - wine will sometimes be the optimal complement to your dinner, and yet other times beer is the only way to go. Skål!