Dave Culliton

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Dave's love for beer goes back 35 years or so, when he tried his first pint of cask ale. Cruelly captured by the building industry shortly after leaving school, his love for beer remained purely recreational until a chance meeting with a famous American IPA at an equally famous Oxfordshire restaurant ignited a new passion in 2007. After this he became a willing participant in everything relating to the beer renaissance. He independently put himself through the Beer Academy training programme and subsequently became involved in beer festival organisation, pub judging and anything else beer related that he could volunteer his way into. Dave is hugely proud of attaining his Beer Sommelier accreditation, despite not having a professional beer industry background. As well as his charity beer festival work, he is now using his skills to engage with and educate people about beer. He has a residency in two specialist beer shops in Hertfordshire where he presents several tutored tastings each month. He is also hosting events for private parties and corporate groups under the banner of his newly formed company, Hop-Talk. 

Follow him on Twitter @Hop_Talk
Dave's main Beer Festival is www.astonclintonbeerfestival.co.uk