Dean Clarke

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Dean originally started out as a graphic artist and designer, with an extensive background in design and advertising roles. His "Beer-Career" began in 2009, when this creative experience lead him to cross paths with several Irish beer companies. Initially a brand marketer supporting World-renowned brands for Premier International Beers (Ireland's longest established Beer Importer & Distributor), he is now fully engrossed in the Irish Beer trade and works mainly as a beer sales representative throughout Ireland. He also plays a key role in trade event-managing and marketing, representing an extensive list of breweries from across the globe. Dean is passionate about all aspects of the thriving Irish beer sector and excited by the prospect of becoming even more involved in the brewing process in the future "I've always been a creative at heart, and in my work now I have a unique opportunity to be involved in every stage of a beer's life cycle and not just its identity, but from the moment a recipe is conceived, developed and brewed, right through to its dispense, final serving and tasting!".