Goncalo Faustino

Gonçalo is a majored Chemical Engineer known by his love for beer and enthusiasm. He started tasting different beers in 2007, producing his own beer in 2008. By 2012 he co-founded and became head brewer of the Portuguese brewery Faustino Microcervejeira, Lda., who are a member of the Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers (since June 2015) and producer of the brand "Maldita", among others.

He was one of the pioneers of the Craft Beer Movement in Portugal and, since the beginning, he has always had the ambition of becoming a Beer Sommelier and Judge. He loves to pair beer with food, to create new experiences and the history of beer itself.

He has recently created a beer blog called "Let's Talk About Craft Beer" that focuses on beer tastings and pairings and beer events. His main purpose is to present the undiscovered world of beer to Portuguese consumers and everyone else that wants to learn a little more about beer.

Frequently he also participates in beer tastings events, where he always promotes matching with local foods.