Lotte Peplow

Lotte is a PR Consultant and Communicator specialising in the beer industry. A beer lover first and foremost, Lotte is on a mission to encourage more people to drink more beer styles on more occasions and is particularly keen to promote the kinship between beer and food.
She also manages beer festivals, runs events and conducts tastings on behalf of her clients and writes articles about beer and food which have appeared in Restaurant Magazine, Great British, Matching Food & and more. A member of CAMRA's Tasting Panel for London, she can also be found at CAMRA festivals judging beer or visiting local breweries to enjoy sampling what's on offer.
Lotte currently works with the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade body representing small and independent American breweries, and offers a unique insight into the differences between the US and UK craft beer markets.
She comments: "I am delighted to gain the Beer Sommelier accreditation because it gives me greater credibility within the beer industry and demonstrates a level of knowledge and education which is important to me as a beer communicator."
Follow her on Twitter: @LottePeplow