Nick Ravenhall

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Nick's passion for the alcoholic beverage industry began in his student days working in bars back in his homeland New Zealand. A passion for bartending soon led to an interest in luxury spirits which then developed into a full blown obsession for all things whisky! This mania lead to global commercial roles spanning three continents managing international business development for the Japanese whisky giant Suntory and Scottish single malt specialist Morrison Bowmore Distillers. It was this time spent closely working with the remaining 'old worthies' in Scotland's distilleries that a passion for 'distilled' barley became one of 'brewed' barely... Roles in beer soon followed and Nick has worked closely with some of the most renowned brewers on the European continent namely Czech Republic's Budweiser Budvar and Germany's Warsteiner. Inspired by Scotland's unique brewing and distilling heritage Nick founded Old Worthy Brewing Co. based on Isle of Skye in 2011.