Liudvikas Babaliauskas


I am Liudvikas Babaliauskas, 34 years old beer lover and one of the first founders of specialised beer shop from Lithuania.

If you require an exceptional range of beer and professional service meeting your expectations, I warmly invite you to „Beer Factory“ shop in Lithuania or, in other words, to my „Home“.

My way towards ..... The first love of my life is basketball and beer. These two things are at the first place in my way of life and cannot be distributed. To put it simply, these things are not ranked.

My love for beer began 15 years ago. After graduation from the secondary school, I have been working in various pubs of London and Ireland from 2003 to 2009. I was acquainted with the culture of beer consumption, human needs and habits. It was all very new and little known to the beer consumers in Lithuania.

I returned from the Ireland in 2011 and understood I had something to share with people. I became interested in beer styles, its philosophy and opened the first shop of bottled and tapped beer „Beer Factory“ shop in Kaunas.

Currently i work in one of the largest Craft Brewery in Lithuania .Where I'm in charge of brewery tours and beer tastings. Among my additional activities are beer presentations and tasting evenings for private persons and companies. Furthermore I am a referee during Lithuanian Home Breweries' Championships. World of beer is evolving and progressing rapidly, so my aim is to keep my knowledge up to date, follow new trends by reading a lot, travelling and tasting