Daniela Rosales Del Prado


Originally from Mexico City, Daniela’s journey into the world of beer has been interesting to say the least. Her first job was as a Food Scientist, working for one of Mexico´s biggest food additives distributors advising clients on new product development and assisting the R&D team with new product briefs. Her passion for beverages came to the surface a few years later when she emigrated to New Zealand to undertake a Master’s in Wine Science. Learning all about wine, from the vine to the bottle, she rolled up her sleeves and after completing two vintages, she was not only involved in lab analysis and wine production but also product sales. Whilst in Auckland, it took an Irish man to introduce her to her first pale ale and whisk her away to Ireland a short time later. With not a vine in sight, she reinvented herself and learnt all about the world of beer working in the off trade and as part of her ‘training’ attended many craft beer festivals. When the opportunity to work as a Guinness Beer Specialist at St James Gate in Dublin presented itself, Daniela grabbed it with both hands, honing her skills in beer tasting and food pairings. 

Nowadays, Daniela plys her trade as a Brewer, taking a rigorous approach to beer quality from the grain to the bottle/can, and an absolute commitment to making outstanding beer. She loves attending beer festivals, meeting new people and discovering great beers.