Jane Peyton - Pommelier

Jane  Peyton with  a flute high res.jpg

Jane Peyton's passion for beer started when she drank her first pint of ale - Tetley Mild - as a teenager but she her first taste of alcohol was cider. Appropriately she became the Beer & Cider Academy’s first accredited Pommelier in 2018. Jane is the instigator and driving force of Beer Day Britain, the UK’s national beer day annually on June 15th. She is an enthusiastic beer and cider advocate and spends lots of time rhapsodising about them. Jane is Principal of the School of Booze, a company she founded to offer tutored beer, cider, and wine tasting events. She writes and broadcasts about alcoholic drinks and is an after-dinner speaker on the subject of alcohol history & culture.

Jane is the winner of numerous awards including The Beer Academy British Institute of Innkeeping Beer Sommelier of the Year, Imbibe Magazine Drinks Educator of the Year, and a Lifetime Achievement from the British Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group.