Alex Stevenson

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Alex has been a lover of good beer since his first sip of Black Sheep back when he was an even smaller lad in North Yorkshire. Many sips later, though not much taller, he is now one of the Drinks Buyers for the Tate Gallery and a Beverage Consultant with Chase & Tale.
After honing his palate and skills as a Cocktail Bar Manger and later becoming a WSET Diploma holder and WSET Educator the Beer Sommelier qualification seemed like a natural progression and allowed him to focus on his favourite form of liquid refreshment.
Having moved Tate's beer lists to a completely British offer with the main focus on beers local to each Gallery Alex has also started a series of Bespoke Beers brewed by the Tate with Breweries such as Kernel, Redchurch, Brewdog and Brodies with lots more to follow.
Alex has instigated beer and food matching on the menus at Tate to sit alongside the more classic wine matches - 'We always go for the best match - whether that is a wine, beer or cocktail. The overall experience is key.'
Alex also delivers beverage trainings in wine, spirits, cocktails and beer with a strong focus on food matching.

Alex can be contacted by email on