Jack Stones

Grew up in Kent near the famous Hop Farm in Beltring. Youngest beer sommelier in the UK at 24. Been working in pubs since the age of 18. Interest in beer started when trying Belgian beers at a stall at Imbibe live! Ran the Marquis, a pub next to the famous Harp in Covent Garden for a short while, trying to bring in new interesting bottled beers to tempt those who couldn't get into the pub next door. Started running the bar at the Old brewery in October 2011 and starting intense beer training in order to become de facto sommelier there. Explaining to diners what the different styles of experimental beer churned out by Rod Jones who ran the small brew house there were and what to order them with. At the start of summer 2012 started taking tour groups around the main brewery, treating tour goers to a 2 and a half hour session including a tutored tasting, a history of brewing in London and a full tour of Meantime's state of the art brewery. Since November 2012 have been the General Manager of the Visitor's Centre, arranging special beer and food matching events, training staff from venues that stock meantime across London and continuing to host tours, which now see, on average, 180 people pass through per week. Favourite beers are American Brown Ales. About to take another swing at home brewing after a couple of initial disasters.

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