Carolina Bodin


Carolina, is a Swede working for Norwegian fine wine importer Strøm AS; a subsidiary company of the Scandinavian market leader Altia. Carolina qualified as a wine sommelier with Norsk Sommelier Utdannelse back in 2010 and has now brought her passion for wine and food pairing to the Norwegian beer market. Given the challenge of launching Strøm's craft beer portfolio in 2012 and not just happy with 'fish and chips and lager' Carolina is determined to bridge the gap that exists between beer and wine. ' The wine people are far ahead and we need to demand just as high level of knowledge and insight when it comes to working our beer and food pairings.' she says and given that Carolina has successfully completed both wine and beer sommelier education places her in a unique position of insight to both categories. She has launched her 'gastro' oriented approach to the beer market in Norway with the successful establishment of Gotland's Bryggeri (Sweden) and Coisbo (Denmark) as the new beers of choice among the culinary fraternity in Oslo. Motivated by the response to this approach so far she is actively seeking out the best culinary beers the world has to offer!