Derek G Orford

Derek started home brewing in the late 1970s; something he loved so much he eventually became a Master Brewer in 1991. Since then he's brewed most styles of beer across three continents. His most interesting experience to date was running a brewery in The Bahamas (a tough job, but someone had to do it). His beers have won medals at international competitions and quality awards from major brewers.

He has judged at the Australian International Beer Awards and the International Brewing Awards in Burton, and will be Chief Steward at the next Burton awards in 2017.
After happy days with Whitbread, Heineken, and Lion he returned from Australia in 2012, becoming Master Brewer and Beer Sommelier at Hillside Brewery in Gloucestershire, and brewing his own range of beers as the Bosbury Brewer. More recently he's covered the Head Brewer & General Manager role at Belvoir Brewery in Leicestershire.

Having brewed in batch sizes between 40 and 100,000 litres, Derek is now a full-time Brewing Consultant, currently involved in a Portuguese start-up and supporting a number of micro-brewers.