Hyun Doo Cho

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Hyun doo (Joe) started out with an extensive background in Korean and Japanese cuisine, which he acquired in Seoul, Korea and Shizuoka, Japan. He then moved into French culinary arts and also started working as a wine sommelier in Provence, France, which is where he first became passionate about beverages. 

After a four year stint of mastering latte art, owning and managing a cafe in Brisbane, Australia, he decided to top up his Swiss Higher Diploma in hospitality and tourism management with a Master's degree in gastronomic tourism with Le Cordon Bleu. Now based in London, Hyun doo completed WSET wine and spirits level 3 (advanced) before becoming enamoured with London's many craft brews. 

An encounter with Redemption Brewing's owner Andy led to a job as a brewer. Hyun doo also participates at many public tasting, 'meet the brewer' and hosting events, creates food and beer pairings for individual customers, pubs and bottle shops, creates new beer recipes and writes tasting notes. 

In his spare time, he enjoys home brewing, and exploring London's craft beer scene.