Helene McCarthy

Helene McCarthy 2 .jpg

After enjoying beer in all its manifold with several years working in the service industry.
The passion for the beverage skyrocketed when Helene moved to Vienna in 2016. Here she worked in several different beer bars with hundreds of bottles, and constant rotating taps.
She got the opportunity to work on Tap-take over nights, and was constantly looking for exiting beer festivals. Then after two magical years in Austria, she returned to Norway - where she is now working as a bartender and event associate. Here she gets to host quizzes, activities, make cocktails and talk a lot about beer with guest. The title Beer sommelier is like driver licence to her for onward learning and experience of beer. She loves beer and are happy to share the knowledge to help enhance the experience and make choices of style easier. As a sommelier she wishes to increase the enthusiasm around beer both at and off work. She wants to continue to working with beer in the future, and maybe one day closer to the brewing process.